The prosthetic mask that I (dammit) wear is from Aradani Studios They’ve got a bunch of great masks.

Killits mask was ordered online. It’s the standard orc prosthetic.

The tusks come with the standard orc prosthetic kit but I originally got mine at Dental Distortions though now I can’t find the tusks there.

But you can find some pretty neat teeth by just doing a google search for “Fake Tusks” This Mask World seems to have some good stuff.

I use Kryolan red hair spray but any red hair spray will do. I do have the overwhelming desire to wash my hair after about 20 hours of having this in because it makes my hair feel crispy but really gets it frayed and standing out all crazylike. Which is a good thing if you’re playing a ravaging beast.

A cream or cake makeup is best for full body coverage. A stick form is easiest to apply. I grabbed Mehron Cream Blend Makeup from my local costume shop. I have been told that if you put some vaseline on before the makeup, it helps when you go to remove it. Handy wipes are your friend. You’ll want a colorset powder to put over the makeup so it doesn’t wipe off and a Barrier Spray over that to keep it from sweating off. Some people put the barrier spray on before the makeup to protect their skin from the pigment. I am crazy and I do squeeze my eyes shut and hold my breath and spray this in my face and then walk away from the miasma of pain and death before I start breathing again….you did not hear this from me. I do not recommend this…I’m just sayin’.