So, Geebas will never be dead but it does periodically slip into a mild coma. I switched servers and kinda broke it and never did get around to fixing it until Obby came along. So now I was able to post the four comics that I had drawn a year ago almost to the day. Now those have been posted and I’m off at the annual family beach trip and have not drawn the next update of Geebas. I have piles and piles of cartoon ideas. I’ve been going to The Castle once a year and just hanging around my friend Becca (who plays my Orc’s sister Kill It) is like idea diarrhea. But I have to sit down and draw them and I’m going to try and do that in the next three weeks before conventions hit again. I’ll be at San Diego then Otakon then Gen Con all in a row. Could be interesting.

ps; I haven’t fixed the black text on gray background yet. I do need to do that…soon ish


pps: in theory Geebas updates three times a week; monday wednesday friday


ppps; I’m going to try and update with photos while I’m on vacation